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Established in 2005, Lucia Misa-O’Connor is here to find you a solution that not only protects your rights but also enables you to receive financial compensation for injuries resulting from someone’s negligence or civil wrongs. With the medical knowledge and strategies she has amassed from practicing personal injury law for more than 13 years, attorney Lucia Misa-O’Connor can confidently assist you through all phases of filing injury, Social Security Disability or Workers Compensation claims.
As part of her representation, she coordinates payments of medical expenses, obtains insurance benefits, and  meticulously  prepares her case that is designed for effective presentation to a judge or jury. Because she handles personal injury cases on a “contingency fee” basis, there is no legal fee for our clients unless there is recovery. This allows you to level the playing field and obtain high-quality representation from a lawyer who strives to obtain the highest possible settlement.

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We believe that clients have the right to know what they can expect when they enter into a professional relationship with an attorney. Because lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming, we attempt to solve your matter as efficiently and thoroughly as possible through alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation or arbitration. However, your best interests are always our highest priority, and you can also have confidence in knowing that we have successfully represented clients in traditional courts throughout New Mexico.

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